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Interview with a member of Yogi Bhajan's "Inner Circle".

Interview with a Top Executive in the Yogi Bhajan Organization (INTERVIEWER) What was Guru Jot Singh charged with? (SIKH) Guru Jot Singh Khalsa was convicted of a conspiracy to import in excess of one thousand pounds of a controlled substance into the United States. (INTERVIEWER) Wow. You cant hide that in your suitcase! (SIKH) Now thats a conviction! He was charged with a whole lot of things. He was charged on R.I.C.O. since he had a continuing enterprise. Some major strings were pulled in this case. It was all whittled down, bargained down to this one charge. Now thats a serious charge and he was convicted of this charge. They write it up as a thousand pounds because once you get above a thousand pounds it really doesnt matter and in his case it was above thirty thousand pounds. There were three episodes. Now he is a convicted felon, drug smuggling. By the way he was put in jail in his early years in 3HO for a while. And he used to tell people this somewhat glorious story about his anti-war movement involvement but in actual fact that turned out to be a drug smuggling charge. (INTERVIEWER) Wow, so that was a previous drug smuggling charge? (SIKH) Yes. (INTERVIEWER) You mean to say he had a prior conviction? (SIKH) Thats right. And Guru Jot Singh, still, with that previous conviction was given a suspended sentence with a three-year probation. Now my best friend in town is a federal judge and when I told him the story about Guru Jot Singh, he said something was really seriously wrong. (INTERVIEWER) Really, do you think he turned some higher ups, some major higher ups or was an incredible government witness? (SIKH) Guru Jot Singh was the higher up but he did something. Somebody had to have done something major, who knows what it was. (INTERVIEWER) OK. What if any do you think was Yogi Bhajans involvement in this incident? (SIKH) Well, first of all I am quite sure that Yogi Bhajan was smart enough to have no traceable direct involvement in this whatsoever. All I can tell you is that Yogi Bhajan certainly didnt seem to have any hesitation in accepting large sums of money from Guru Jot Singh Khalsa. (INTERVIEWER) Really! (SIKH) Oh yea, Guru Jot Singh basically bought his position in the 3HO Organization. He was constantly giving large sums of money to The Siri Singh Sahib. For instance at winter solstice meetings and Khalsa Council meetings, Guru Jot Singh Khalsa was the one who picked up the tab for The Siri Singh Sahib and his secretaries and entourage, the whole thing. He paid for Sat Simran Kaur Khalsas initiation to an expensive health club and monthly dues. Now here youve got this religious master who supposedly knows everything I mean he reads the akashic records and can tell you all of your thoughts deeds and actions for the last 72 hours in a split second and he is taking lots of money from this enterprise and supposedly doesnt know anything about it? (INTERVIEWER) Ive never known Yogi Bhajan not to know where every penny comes from and where it goes. (SIKH) Now everyone is going to have to come to their own conclusion about it but my guess is that he was directly involved. Most people I know think he knew and actually helped. (INTERVIEWER) Well Premka Kaur Khalsa told me an interesting story. (SIKH) What did she say? (INTERVIEWER) She told me about a time that herself and I think she said Nirinjian Kaur Khalsa were sent by The Siri Singh Sahib to accompany Guru Jot Singh Khalsa to Thailand to perform a Sikh Gurudwara while Guru Jot Singh Khalsa disappeared into the jungle. (SIKH) Oh yea, well that happens to coincide with one of his drug deals, sure that was a drug deal. Now the point is how can you prove that The Siri Singh Sahib was involved in that. (INTERVIEWER) Well you cant prove it. However everybody knows that his very close secretaries were sent as a cover-up because they could keep a secret. Its pretty impossible to plan the cover-up of a drug deal and not have participated in the planning of the drug deal itself. (SIKH) Well, I think The Siri Singh Sahib is smart enough to keep a distance and to never actually talk about it around anyone else. I wouldnt be real surprised if Yogi Bhajan doesnt actually sit down and plot with these people to do these crimes. I think he encourages the activity and vigorously fans the flames because he certainly seems to enjoy the spoils. (INTERVIEWER) OK (SIKH) I mean why would you do it if you didnt really have to. I mean if I can sit here and get you to go out and steal and bring me back the goods then why would I go out and do it? Its like the drug dealers using the twelve year old kids to do his dirty work. The king pin doesnt have to put his neck out in the line of fire. (INTERVIEWER) Thats it! Every morning in Los Angeles he would make his rounds to all of the telemarketing businesses on Preuss Road and behind closed doors he would yell and strongly encourage his spiritual slaves to pull harder on the oars. (SIKH) In the case of The Siri Singh Sahib, his system is so beautifully refined that he may not have to even do it at the higher inner circle levels. He may have manipulated the people to do all of this work for him. I dont think the Siri Singh Sahib even cares if they break the law or not. (INTERVIEWER) I suspect theres allot of truth to that, unless he has some kind of twisted morbid desire for them to break the law, but simply, maybe he just doesnt care and just wants the money. (SIKH) Yes. And they know he doesnt care and after a while they just keep going because they dont want to disappoint Daddy and maybe he will stop yelling too. (INTERVIEWER) I think there is a large overall lack of any respect for us at all. Ive heard stories of him sitting with a bunch of Indian peers just ridiculing our behavior and mocking our loyalty and dedication. Like he cant believe that we are so stupid as to actually do everything he says and if we are that awfully stupid then. (SIKH) And then we deserve it! And maybe hes right. (INTERVIEWER) And thats our lesson out of it and if we will even steal for him. (SIKH) Then we deserve to go to jail too, because we are that stupid. (INTERVIEWER) This really hurts. I think thats pretty crummy. (SIKH) Im reminded of an American 3HO Sikh from Rochester, New York. I cant think of his name. (INTERVIEWER) Is it Mha Atama Singh Khalsa? (SIKH) Yes, thats it! Well he tells a great story and Im almost sure I was present. The story takes place in Vancouver, Canada at an Indian Sikhs house. Mha Atama Singh Khalsa happened to be there and he had been studying the Punjabi language before his trip to India. Mha Atama Singh Khalsa was listening to The Siri Singh Sahib talking to the Indians in Punjabi. The Siri Singh Sahib said something in the conversation that disturbed Mha Atama Singh. Thinking that perhaps his Punjabi was rusty and that perhaps he did not understand what The Siri Singh Sahib had said, Mha Atama Singh called one of the Indian guests aside and told the Indian person that he was a little rusty with his Punjabi and wanted to make sure he understood The Siri Singh Sahibs comment because he thought he heard The Siri Singh Sahibs say to the Indians in Punjabi Watch what I can make these American ass-holes do! and then he snap his fingers and jumped up and then everybody jumped up and followed him out the door. (INTEVIEWER) Ive heard similar stories. Depressing isnt it? (SIKH) Yea we all have, weve been there. I think of all the times I have driven for him at up to 130 mph because he wanted to. I remember when we drove from the ashram in Espanola, New Mexico to the airport in Albuquerque and we ran six red lights never going less than 70-80 mph. And the funny thing was, Im driving the guard car and I did that, I followed because we thought it was like a fate worse than death not to follow him, to get lost. (INTERVIEWER) Wow (SIKH) But what would have happened to me if I got a massive reckless driving ticket and was thrown into jail? Would he stop his car? Certainly not! Where would I be. (INTERVIEWER) Your on your own pal, thats where you would be. (SIKH) Yea I know and it doesnt feel very good if you know what I mean. (INTERVIEWER) I know exactly what you mean, loud and clear. Kamlapati Kaur Khalsa mentioned something about someone being murdered in relationship to this Guru Jot Singh Khalsa drug case, do you know anything about this? (SIKH) There are actually two stories that I know of where one illustrious member of our organization claims to have murdered someone. One is a case of a guy who supposedly raped a 3HO woman in Los Angeles. The other one is where the same person is believed to have murdered a fellow drug dealer who was a good friend of mine. (INTERVIEWER) Oh my God! (The District Attorney was right!) (SIKH) It just so happens that not long before he was murdered he came to me and told me that this guy was going to murder him. (INTERVIEWER) Really. (SIKH) Yes, its true. Look, Im really not trying to spread this story around. I dont really know why Im telling you this. The widow of this guy has been telling the exact same story. I have never in my life seen anyone look so terrified. I spent a week with this guy camping in the wilderness of Wyoming. I finally asked him what was so terribly wrong with him and he said that so and so is going to kill me. (Long silence) (INTERVIEWER) I can tell by your voice that this was pretty traumatic. You know who he named as his killer and you have to live with that. I can see that you are feeling some real fear here! (SIKH) Yes. Its something you never forget. (INTERVIEWER) This whole thing is overwhelming for me. I had no idea that I was a member of such an organization. I cant even begin to imagine American 3HO Sikhs killing other American 3HO Sikhs. I cant begin to guess who could have done such a thing. (SIKH) Yea well you think about it for a minute. Think about the hint that I gave you and it will become pretty obvious. (INTERVIEWER) Oh wow, you mean at the top? (SIKH) No, not the very top. Again. Look at the closest Inner Circle Ring to the top. (INTERVIEWER) Oh. Guru Jot Singh once again! (At this point I reflected back on Guru Jot Singh Khalsas drug case. His right hand man in this case was a man named Al Ellis. Al Ellis was seen together on several occasions in Los Angeles at social events with Yogi Bhajan and Guru Jot Singh. I was there when Yogi Bhajan introduced Al Ellis to the group as a good friend of the family. Yogi Bhajan put his arm around Al Ellis as Guru Jot looked on and asked the Los Angeles family to specifically take good care of this man. Im reminded of a photograph that was published in a magazine with Yogi Bhajan in the middle, one arm around Al Ellis and one arm around Guru Jot. They looked like a bunch of pals His wife and children lived right next door to Guru Jot where he could watch over them. It was all coming together one piece at a time and the puzzle was looking allot like the conversation I had with the Monterey District Attorney.) (SIKH) Nervous chuckles. Youll have to draw your own conclusion. If people are getting killed I certainly dont want to be the one to name any names. (INTERVIEWER) This guy was in fear of his life and for a rightful reason. (SIKH) You bet he was. (INTERVIEWER)( I remembered what the District Attorney had told me. She told me that an American 3HO Sikh was found in the trunk of a rental car at the Seattle, Washington Airport parking lot with a single small caliber bullet to the forehead, 3rd eye to be exact. If this was the guy! Im getting a little sick.) (INTERVIEWER) Would you care to comment on Premka Gate, you know that inappropriate sexual misconduct lawsuit? (SIKH) The Premka thing? Yogi Bhajan was apparently having sex with Pam a.k.a. Premka from the start of their relationship. You know he covered it up and at some point, mainly when he was having sex with lots of other younger girls it just got to be too much for Premka. The other person, Kate, in the lawsuit was very close to me and she was really screwed up about it. It was like a big sexual orgy and many were physically forced into it. I dont know if you were at summer solstice that year when he got us all to dig deep into our pockets to raise money for his legal defense fund and he raised fifty thousand dollars but he had to be laughing all the way to the bank on that one. Any way the 3HO official story was that the case just went away but thats a bunch of crock. (INTERVIEWER) I heard that Premka received eighty thousand dollars US to settle out of court. (SIKH) I guarantee you that she received a lot more than that, at least one hundred and twenty thousand dollars US! Ive also heard the settlement was upwards of five hundred thousand dollars US but Im sure it was at least one hundred twenty thousand dollars US, and I think Katie received the eighty thousand dollars US to keep her mouth shut. Supposedly YOGI BHAJAN got an Indian Sikh named Mullock in Vancouver, Canada to pay for the settlement and Yogi Bhajan was supposed to pay him back. But of course he never has and thats why Sat Kirpal Kaur Khalsa has been working in Vancouver, Canada running that school for this guy for virtually nothing. (INTERVIEWER) Oh so shes paying the loan back? (SIKH) Yes, well she has no idea because she thinks shes working for the master, The Siri Singh Sahib when in reality its a slave labor pay back trade deal. (INTERVIEWER) Why is Sada Anand Singh Khalsa in Japan? (SIKH) Well, originally he went to Japan so he would not have to go to jail in America. (INTERVIEWER) Yes, so whats that all about? (SIKH) Well, Yogi Bhajan sent him to Japan to keep him at arms length and just left him there and against Yogi Bhajans orders Sada Anand Singh Khalsa returned to America and was immediately incarcerated. (INTERVIEWER) So hes in jail now? (SIKH) He got out eventually. He was able to get free and settle his accounts. He came through Seattle and that is where he got arrested. I think hes back in Japan now. I dont know what hes doing but I dont think it is any good. He was always hustling something. I have known him for along time and I always liked him as a person but he was always hustling one thing or another. This was one guy that I would not buy a used car from, if you know what I mean! (INTERVIEWER) I do know what you mean and I too liked him as a person. (SIKH) Well thats the (Yogi Bhajan) 3HO businessman mold right now, its a gang of hustlers. (INTERVIEWER) Tell me about Guru Bhai Singh in Tucson, Arizona. (SIKH) Guru Bhai Singh Khalsa is living in Rome, Italy. THE SIRI SINGH SAHIB through Guru Terath Singh Khalsa orchestrated a kidnapping of Guru Bhais child that was facilitated by Guru Das Singh Khalsa in Barcelona, Spain. They kidnapped the child; they used Guru Dass influence at the embassy in Barcelona to bypass the normal procedures and removed the child out of the country that way. Guru Bhai has filed suit for custody and has been crushed as a person for the way he was treated and was screwed out of the Tucson project that he built up for Yogi Bhajan. He built the 3HO Health Ranch. Guru Terath Singh Khalsa had the nerve to play marriage counselor for Guru Bhai Singh right up to the moment Guru Terath Singh represented Guru Bhai Singhs wife in a divorce case and child custody battle. The Siri Singh Sahib orchestrated this whole thing. (INTERVIEWER) What! Are you saying that the New Mexico Deputy Attorney General Guru Terath Singh Khalsa was being Guru Bhai Singhs best friend, marriage counselor and confidant regarding his wife and child and then turned around armed with that information and represented the wife in a legal divorce?. (SIKH) Yea. Hes a real sick one. Guru Terath is such a disappointment, I must tell you. Im really disappointed. (INTERVIEWER) I always thought of him as a really smart man! (SIKH) When I used to count the people who made me proud to be a Sikh, Guru Terath Singh was on my short list but I must tell you Im really disappointed in his overall lack of values. (INTERVIEWER) What ever happened to Anand Singh Khalsa who ran the (Yogi Bhajan) 3HO Sunshine Scented Oil Business? (SIKH) Anand Singh was a good man and a good friend of mine. He had to just get up and leave because he couldnt stand the corruption anymore and he wanted no part in it. (INTERVIEWER) (Nervous chuckle.) Wait a minute. Youre telling me that Anand Singh left because of the corruption in the family run scented oil business? (SIKH) Yes. (INTERVIEWER) Excuse me for laughing but my God wasnt anything safe from Yogi Bhajan? I just cant believe that he corrupted the scented oil business? (SIKH) Get used to it and believe it. Its simple. You just screw all the employees and give then as little as possible because The Siri Singh Sahib wanted all of the money for himself and would skim it. But his reason for leaving had more to do with the corruption involving the children and that kind of thing. He wasnt just the head of Sunshine Scents he was involved in the Los Angeles local 3HO family business management and couldnt stand all of the skimming, scamming and conning going on just to please The Siri Singh Sahibs appetite for money. He walked away from everything. He got suckered late in life out of his career to come and work for The Siri Singh Sahib but the corruption proved to be too much and it turned into a personal moral issue for himself and he just walked away with nothing. (INTERVIEWER) (I remembered a story the Monterey District Attorney told me about an American 3HO Sikh trying to leave the Los Angeles 3HO business community. She told me he was murdered and the case was still open. I remembered another conversation with an ex-3HO member about Sunshine Scented Oils, a briefcase of money and someone disappearing. Could it be?) (SIKH) Its like what happened to Baba Singh Khalsa. You know Baba Singh gave everything he had for The Siri Singh Sahib and really looked up to that man. But to be righteous Baba Singh had to break away from it all. Baba Singh was a man of heart and soul and it really tore him apart. You know what I really think it comes down to is the bottom line in life when you are confronted by life to make a choice between integrity of soul or not. (INTERVIEWER) So in other words people, it comes down to a question of integrity pure and simple. Are you are willing to sell your soul or not. (SIKH) Right. And if you are not willing to sell your soul and integrity wins out then you have to be willing to give up your family. Its a tragic choice. (INTERVIEWER) You are so right on. (SIKH) You have to give up your birth family to get in and then you have to give up your spiritual family and your spiritual teacher to get out. (INTERVIEWER) Thats it! (SIKH) This meaning in life. This future for our children is so interwoven. I mean by the time your wife is really into this ladies camp thing and your kids are really into childrens camp and the education system and your source of income is a 3HO family run business and your self esteem is by Yogi Bhajans grace. Hes pretty much got your life and your familys life in his control. All of your friends, family and total social life is his cult. (INTERVIEWER) Wow, and then one day you wake up to discover all of what we are talking about right now. This cancer, this rust has crept into your life and has become your life. (SIKH) Yes, its pretty depressing when you find this out. Its must be the hardest thing to happen in my life. (INTERVIEWER) Remember the early days when he insisted that we put his picture on our altar and pray to him. The Indian Sikhs really had a hard time with this. (SIKH) Yes, I remember. (INTERVIEWER) And then there was the Shakti Pad fear thing. The fear that we might be committing spiritual suicide as he called it, and so we ran down to the ashram every morning to find out what the pure thought for the day was. What are we going to think today because we have to make sure that we dont think the wrong thought? When in actuality Yogi Bhajan was scared because we were ten times greater than he will ever be! (SIKH) Yes, But we didnt have a thought of our own. You know the kids returning from the school in India have a joke. How many American 3HO Sikhs does it take to screw in a light bulb? The answer is one but they have to ask Yogi Bhajan first! (INTERVIEWER) Laugh. And do you remember the story that Yogi Bhajan told us about the Sikh judge in India and the Divine Light Mission family? (SIKH) You mean Guru Marahaj ji? (INTERVIEWER) Yes. Yogi Bhajan told us that when Guru Maharaj ji returned to India to settle their family affairs before the Sikh judge the judge asked both brothers What is the worst sin in the world? and the one brother replied jealousy because he was jealous of his brother and the other brother said greed because he came to America to be greedy and spited his family. The judge said, no you are both wrong. He answered that the worlds greatest sin was to deceive others in the name of God and Guru. (SIKH) Oh, wow! (INTERVIEWER) Because you are dealing with somebodys soul. (SIKH) Yea. Wow. (Pause) Did THE SIRI SINGH SAHIB tell you that story? (INTERVIEWER) Yes he did. I got that story right out of his mouth. (SIKH) Well thats pretty interesting. Yes, well hes the one doing that, deceiving others in the name of GOD and GURU. Ive heard that he is really getting out of control. Hes losing it. At the Khalsa Council meeting in Florida I stood up to him and refused to return my daughter to the school in India. He was furious. He spent hours trying to wear me down. That didnt work. He got twenty of his dumbest followers to come after me and wear me down. That didnt work. Then he spent three hours one on one and that didnt work either. So I stood up and I gathered up all of my courage and I looked my biggest demon eye to eye, I felt like David standing up to Goliath, and I said; Sir, I love you as much today as I have ever loved you. And I have never loved another the way I have loved you. And I believe in and I support and I pray for the visions that you set for our children all these years ago, as much today as I ever have and you know that I have been your strongest supporter of the educational program in India but whats happening in India today has nothing whatsoever to do with that vision and its my duty as a student of your teachings to oppose you on this. (INTERVIEWER) Wow. What do you say to that? (SIKH) I felt great and at that moment I was free. (INTERVIEWER) Why did you leave 3HO? (SIKH) THE SIRI SINGH SAHIB called me up one day and ordered me to perform an investigation as to the dissidents of the India School Program and to write up a dossier naming names and the nature of the complaint. I told him Sir, I will not conduct an investigation, I will not write you a dossier and I will not name names however I am prepared to tell you right now the nature of their complaints. And so I named six horrible conditions such as unsanitary drinking water, unsanitary kitchen facilities, the lack of any medical supplies or facilities, the lack of food and beating of the children. And right then and there The Siri Singh Sahib lied to me with a straight face about each and every one of those conditions. That did it. No more lies. It was over for me. Our children, my daughter who was born in this spiritual family attending a school in India under these conditions was not acceptable. The fact that he thought he could lie to me one more time and at the same time skim large sums of money out of the India school program for his personal use here in America was too insulting. This money was paid by the parents to go to the health and welfare of their children in India and he put it in his pockets while our children literally starved and grew sick. (INTERVIEWER) Oh my God. (SIKH) Now listen, at the peak it cost $1300US a year in actual expense for the room and board of a child in India. Rich Punjabi families paid the equivalent of $1300US to send their children to the same school. I personally know of a family in Canada who paid $1300US for their child to attend the very same school our children attended. But guess what. We were charging our families in our spiritual community $5,000US for the very same thing! (INTERVIEWER) Do people actually see YOGI BHAJAN take the money out of the accounts? (SIKH) Anand Singh did and thats why he left. Youve got to understand one thing. If you want to be part of the Inner Circle of this organization you have got to be able to keep a secret. That is the main criteria for membership. (INTERVIEWER) You mean like dads an alcoholic and were all supposed to pretend hes not? (SIKH) Exactly! Only its more like dad is a crazed and sick out of control head of a Mafia family gone berserk. (The opening comments of the Monterey District Attorney pointed out that I was a member of a large crime family complete with sex, rape, drugs, smuggling, murder and more and that this 3HO Organization had nothing over on the Mafia. Yogi Bhajan aka Siri Singh Sahib Bhai Sahib Harbhajan Singh Khalsa is not the proud son of Guru Gobinde Singh, he is not a son to be proud of at all. Hes an extremely poor example of a man, husband or father and a very poor example of a son and the worst kind of leader to lead anyone in their daily affairs let alone a self proclaimed leader of a world religion!) THE END 1. Born Harbhajan Singh Puri a.k.a. Yogi Bhajan, Harbhajan Singh Khalsa, The Siri Singh Sahib, Siri Singh Sahib Bhai Sahib Harbhajan Singh Khalsa 2. 3HO = Healthy Happy Holy Organization 3. Khalsa= in this context donates membership to Yogi Bhajans particular brand of Sikkism (Cult) 4. The person being interviewed wishes to remain anonymous because of the persons affiliation with Yogi Bhajans Organization. The above article is a conversation that took place between two individual's and is not necessarily the expressed opinion of this website or Webmaster.

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